AleskiC scam And White_Aura B-hop, Fly, Aura, and Speed hacks


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Mar 12, 2018
AleskiC posted in chat "./is warp AleskiC for free iron". So wanting the free iron I warped to his/her island in which I am greeted by a cobblestone tube-like compartment littered with signs, some are empty and some are not. At the end of this short tube-like tunnel there is an opening to a chest that states "AleskiC 64 BFREE Iron Ingot"; And right in front of you is that chest but there is another sign that most people cannot see that leads to another chest that sells iron Ingot for over 9000 dollars.
I was scammed for over 20,000 dollars and I know that many other people were scammed as well.

White_Aura Was B-hoping, Flying, Aura, and Speed hacking For a long 20 minutes before and after the envoy he killed barfi and I using these hacks.
Video Evidence of White_Aura :
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