staff application for Wndslr

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Mar 14, 2018
Justin welsh [us]
IGN: Wndslr
age: 14.
Timezone: south west.
Country: united states.
good quality mic?: yes.
Do you have Telegram & TeamSpeak & discord?: I have discord.
How many hours can you put in the server per week: 11-15 hours per week.
Any previous punishments on
?: No.
Any past experiences in being a staff member: yes I was a staff member on but it closed down
Why do you want to become staff?: because I really like this server and I wanna help people and help the server run smoothly.
Why should we accept you as staff?: because I'm good with people ,I listen, and I am a hard worker also if you ask me to get something done it will get done
Additional Information: I am a gamer I also play sports like soccer and gymnastics I have ADHD I believe that you half to give respect to get respect I am normally on my pc 24/7 except for when I'm at school.
this is my application if you ever see me on don't be afraid to say hi


Staff member
Feb 4, 2018

After closely reviewing this application, the management team has decided to deny this application. We found you to either be lacking detail in your application, lacking experience as staff, lacking maturity levels needed to be a staff member on our network, or inactive from the server.

On behalf of the entire staff team, thank you for taking the time to apply, and we wish you the best of luck if you decide to try and apply for staff again in the future!
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