xAspired Application [US]


New member
May 17, 2018
IGN (In Game Name): xAspired - namemc.com/xAspired
I plan on changing it to a different username in a couple of weeks or so.

Age: Currently I am 13 years of age due to January 27 2005. For my age I can be mature half of the time, there's time outside of Minecraft were I am a completely different person, my personality in Minecraft is nothing compared to the outside world. In Minecraft I tend to be the most nicest, helpful person there is when I'm not in Minecraft I am a completely shy person.
I know 13 may seem young but that has nothing to do with the fact that I can be a mature person mostly all the time. I say mostly because I do say some jokes that are inappropriate and unnecessary.

Timezone: Mountain [US]
Country: [US]

Do you have a good quality mic?: N/A - My microphone has been broken and I hope on purchasing a new and improved one by soon.
I have no idea if I'll eventually get one.

Do you have Telegram & Teamspeak & Discord?:
I tend not to download applications on my computer because it doesn't run with applications, but I do have a phone and I mostly download apps like these. Currently I only have Discord, but I'll download Telegram and Teamspeak if somehow this application gets into consideration.

How many hours can you put in the server per week:
Not that much to be honest, after school I have tennis practice for an hour and 30 minutes, I come home do my homework and sometimes by accident fall asleep, but usually I can contribute 2-3 hours on the sever. On Sunday and Saturday I can play for around 6 hours.
Weekly that's around 168 hours, if my math is correct.
In my hours I try to help as much people as I can, but not always will I get to everyone sadly.

Any previous punishments on SkyLords?:
N/A - I am respectful on every Minecraft server I play on, I follow the rules and try my hardest not to break them, if I remember I have only been banned once, for swearing.
What I realize is that once staff members get demoted they tend to break the rules of the server, I will not be the kind of person that do those type of things, I am respectful outside of Minecraft and inside of Minecraft.
I respect all players, and try not to start fights or arguments.
Any past experiences in being a staff member:
Recently before I quit Minecraft I was staff on a huge Skyblock server with over 1000 people every day, I ended up resigning because I took a break from Minecraft for around 5 months, after I came back I tried to get the hand of things again, especially on Skyblock because it's one of my favorite gamemodes in Minecraft.
The recent server I was staff on I got my way to Sr.Mod. The server to this day is now dead and no one plays it. It was also hosted by over 6 big YouTubers.
In general I have been staff on around 5 servers with more then a 60 or more player base.
Why do you want to become staff?:
The 1 big reason and probably the only reason why I want to become staff on this server is because I miss helping out big communities like this, one thing I love is helping players, I want to be known as a good person.
Currently I am no staff on any other server, so I can be on this server all the time helping players.
Why should we accept you as staff?:
You should accept me as staff because I am mature, respectful, and most importantly helpful, I know the role of a staff member and how to treat players, I understand that my rank as a staff member comes with a lot of permissions that are not toys to be played around with. I will do my job right and not mess around, I will take this role seriously and wont take any unnecessary rule breaking on the server.

Additional Information:
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